Friday, November 11, 2011

Vegetarian "Corned Beef Hash"

Today for breakfast I had vegetarian corned beef hash. I got a little skillet and put a tablespoon of oil in it. Then after the oil was hot I put choppd onions and diced potatoes in the skillet to sautee. When the onions were transparent and the potatoes were soft, I added the tofu crumbles. While that cooked, I made a fried egg so the yolk was liquid in the middle. I poured the corned beef hash in a bowl and put the egg on top. Cut into the egg and spread the yolk all over the corned beef hash. Don't forget to add a little salt and pepper to your corned beef hash.



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  2. This tastes great, and is actually the same thing as ground burger, cubed potatoes, with onions.

    Corned beef:

    Corning is a form of curing flesh.

    In the distant past, meat was dry-cured in coarse corns of salt, in the shape and size of kernels of corn, and were packed over the beef to keep it from spoiling & to preserve it.

    During the process, spices were added, such as Peppercorns, and other aromatic pickling spices.

    Now, instead of dry salt, salt water is used to brine, otherwise corn beef.